Attorney At Law and Business Consultant in Monterrey, Mexico


I am a licensed attorney in Mexico in legal and business private practice in Mexico for over 35 years. I work with Mexican and US businesses and high net-worth individuals, transacting and negotiating business partnerships, joint ventures, corporations, associations, strategic alliances, M&A’s and asset leasing and purchasing. My home base is in Monterrey, Mexico.

I am dedicated to representing people in their business endeavors by building for them a legal structure, negotiating deals, M&A’s, asset and company buyouts, assisting them in their high-value sales and purchases and guiding them in how to become legally compliant in their operation.

Through the years, I’ve been very successful in negotiating and closing business deals in behalf of my clients. They´ve been fully satisfied in my counseling, whether going through with their venture or changing course to search for better options.  I’m not afraid to tell my clients the truth about their expectations thus saving them time and effort and most of all, their money.

Business acumen

Sharp legal and business advise


Dual citizen of Mexico and the USA



Mobile: From the U.S: 1-(956) 217-0242
Mobile from Mexico: 81-1613-5962
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Mailing Address: Calle 5 de Mayo No. 2742
San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L., Mexico 66230